Wednesday, August 07, 2013

DTC = Dossier to China!!!

 FOUR months of paperwork and prayers are what this pile contains! In case you have ever wondered WHAT takes so long in an adoption, well here is half of it! 

We found out today we are officially DTC! This means that all of our paperwork is off to China! (paperwork pile is called our Dossier) And what this really means is that NOW we can be matched with a child! 

I have that feeling I had before my ultrasounds while pregnant. Waiting for that first glimpse of what our future would hold.  Is it a boy or is it a girl? And in this case, is it a baby or is it a 10 year old or is it somewhere in between? Is it ONE or possibly TWO children? 

We wait in expectation, full of hope. With hands open ready to be filled, 

knowing the Lord is writing our story and soon we will see how HE has filled our pages! 

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