Sunday, September 01, 2013

Summer Photo Dump Part 1

Trying to catch up on our crazy summer. Went to fast, as always. 

Sawyer and I enjoyed the Mother-Son Date Night at Chick Filet. Complete with Limo ride! 
Went to the lake with the family. Kids loved fishing, swimming, being with their cousins. We took Sage in her first, and last haunted house. Lots of ice -cream, movies, laughing and fun. 

 Had some time at the lake just us. Lots MORE swimming, relaxing, playing, begging for puppies (NO WAY!) eating and gearing up for crazy days of summer! 

We had some lost teeth and someone who had to get braces on bottom for a second time. (not her fault, dentist took them off before they were ready). She had issues getting them stuck on "stuff". 

Right after Fathers Day Mark took Makenna, Sawyer and Malaine on the Family Mission trip for the 2nd year to Chicago.  I am so thankful for my husband. The kids wanted to go so badly, and he is such a good example for them. He goes and while he might not get the jobs he would prefer, (have a 15 passenger van and your own teens? you get to drive ALL the teens all around all week! :-) ) He doesn't complain, even though I know he gets "stuck" at times with things he doesn't always want to do. I think many men and fathers could learn so much from him. AND I am proud of my kids. They love to serve and are always the ones pushing us to serve more. 

While the rest of the family was serving on mission, Mavery, Sage and I have a blast! I really enjoy this week I have had the last couple of years with them. Obviously with lots of kids alone time with just 2 is rare. So we make the most of it and soak in every minute! They saved up for months to go to build a bear. One would think that once your bed is overflowing with bears, you would be done saving for BB. But they love it and so I love watching them build. We also visited the Lego Store where they kept busy for a very long time. We rented lots of movies and the girls were thrilled to have their new bear friends join us. 

We spent a day at 6 flags. I love the picture of them on the ride, it shows their personality so perfectly. Mavery LOVES the rides, and enjoys every second with out reservation. Sage is VERY hesitant, and it takes bribing to get her on many things. (the funnel cake? yep, I bribe! BUT it is such a win for ME!!) The photo of their backs is on the train, they were lucky enough to be called up to the speaker for "All Aboard". 
The girls LOVE Spa Nights at home so we ended our week with Hot Wax! Love these sweet girls of mine. 

Photo Dump Part 2 Coming Soon! I hope... 

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Leggio said...

Just found your blog. I see you are in the adoption process again. We are too and have our last home study visit tomorrow. Blessings to you and your family. Can't wait to be DTC too :)