Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer Photo Dump Part 2

Love the lazy days of summer. In June the Childrens Heart Foundation rented out the Magic House. It was a great night with out crowds. 

Makenna never stopped this summer, which is her favorite way to live, GO GO GO! After serving in VBS, then going on Family Mission trip it was off to Super Summer with the youth group. It is one of the highlights of the year for her. 

She returned from Super Summer on Saturday and about 16 hours later we were heading to the airport for CHINA! Yep, it was a bit stressful but we managed to get laundry done, packed and out the door. Of course China was amazing as always and if you did not get a chance to read about our trip, please visit my blog HERE.

While in China the family celebrated 4th of July here. Sad to miss!

Also while I was in China Sawyer and Malaine attended Childrens Camp. Which they LOVE. Sawyer was pretty sad that it was his last year. 
Camp Photo's to come! 

After I returned we soaked up the remaining days of summer as best we could. We spent a day touring Springfield Illinois. 

We went back to the lake for another week. 

It was a perfect week of relaxing and doing nothing but RELAXING. We did drive into Springfield one day to eat at Lamberts, home of the Throwed Rolls and heaven to my children. We also visited Bass Pro Shop and found this old 80's arcade place that was lots of fun for all of us! 

Our last summer hooray was a float trip. We have never done one as a family and we had a BLAST. But it is tiring! We went mid week and were about the only ones on the river, which was nice. We had a tire blow out on the way down, but thankfully we had that fixed and were on the river on time. We will do it again for sure next year and maybe we will be brave enough to even attempt camping. In the cute air conditioned cabins of course. :-) 

It was a good summer. We figure our last as a family of SEVEN. 

We pray so anyways. 

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