Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Adoption Update

Unfortunately there is nothing to update about. One reason I wanted to get caught up on the blog is because I am itching to write and share my heart about this wait for our next child(ren). It is HARD, really really hard. And I am tired. 5 kids, 2 adoptions, I guess I have not learned the lessons the Lord has for me still. So we wait, and we wonder and we try to just keep trusting that the Lord has a plan. I know that at this time next year I will look back and it will all make sense. But it is getting to that time next year that is just so hard right now. One more update on Homecoming and then hopefully I can write and keep up a little better! We have a crazy busy few months coming up that I hope I can keep up with! (4 birthdays, Gotcha Day's, getting a DOG, vacation, 16th birthday celebrations and the list goes on!!) 

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