Tuesday, December 13, 2005

All I Really Want for Christmas...

Makenna & Sawyer were in the Childrens Choir Muscial on Sunday night at church. The choir is led by 2 amazing ladies who are able to handle lots of hyper children each week and actually teach them a full musical! Big thanks to Francine & Amy for all their hard work! This is a picture after it was over. This is a normal "Sawyer face".
Today in the car we were listening to music and the song by Steven Curtis Chapman came on "all i really want for christmas". This is Sawyer's favorite song and he sings it LOUD! He is such a tenderheart and he tells me every time it is on, if that little boy just had a brother and a dad he would be ok. Can we get him as a brother? Hmmmm. So then we have the talk about how God chooses our child, we don't get to pick a brother or a sister. today after the song was over Sawyer says, "I know all I really want for Christmas." And I wait to hear about which video game he is going to pick today. Instead he says, "I want Jesus for Christmas". Then Malaine pipes in w/ she wants baby Jesus for Christmas. And before I can speak and say anything profound, they begin to argue over who is going to get baby Jesus for Christmas. Then Sawyer goes on to change his mind and says, "well what i really want for Christmas is a heart of Gold". This was one of the songs from their musical. So we got to have a good lesson on Jesus gift being ready for us all the time, and what it means to have a heart of gold. Sawyer even went so far as to say, "maybe next year I can get that crash bandicoot video game, and this year a heart of gold". How sweet is that? Of course 2 minutes later they were in the backseat fighting over something silly, but hey, they impressed me for a minute!
Something that stuck w/ me in the musical was one line that said, "I am not here to please myself, I am here to please Jesus". And as I heard that, I thought, I need to remember that every time I get anxious over our baby. When I get upset and frusterated, it is because this adoption is not following MY time. God has a plan and He is in control of our baby right now. I need to trust Him to please Him. Of course the mother in me wants to please me by holding my baby NOW!! But I am trying to lay it down at His feet and just hold on for the ride. Thanks for riding along w/ me!!

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