Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Sage Stash...

These are some of the gifts that were for Sage for Christmas! (I stress the some) How fun is that? The tea set is from "Aunt Bubby" and it is adorable. It has ladybugs on it. Aunt Judy gave her the baby panda bear which we love. Everyone was so good to us. Mark asked what we are going to do if she is he?!! Guess I will be stocked up on presents for all the girls in our family for the next year. We pulled out a big box to keep everything Sage in. Today we bought a blanket and a little picture album/teether. We are going to fill it w/ pictures of us, and once we get our referral we will mail a package to the orphange in hopes that they will give it to Sage. It has been suggested to sleep w/ the blanket so it will have my scent on it. Guess I will be willing to try anything! We will also send a disposable camera in the package in hope that the nannies will take pictures of her till we get there. Anyways, back to her stash. She already has a big pile of things just waiting for her to get home to. I can't wait till next Christmas, when she is really here and can open the gifts herself!

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