Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sage's First Christmas

I have been looking for an ornament for the baby to hang on our tree this year. Someone posted this on my yahoo group and I ordered one. Now if Sage is not Sage and turns out to be a boy, then we might have a problem! Besides that, isn't it adorable!! I just love it. I think is is so perfect. It has been hard this month. We thought we would possibly have our referral by Christmas. Now it is looking like it might be May before we get our referral. It goes through my mind about a zillion times a day, "We are not going to be w/ our baby for her first Christmas" Wow! How sad is that? She will be sitting alone in an orphange, while her brother & sisters open a bunch of toys, spend time w/ families, and have fun. Please pray for her. That she is healthy and that she is loved. And pray for me! I am a mother, and one of my children is not with me. Thankfully we have a Big Father, who is taking care of me, and my daughter, even though we are so far apart from each other. I am praying, though I miss her first Christmas, I will have her long before her first birthday!

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Sarah Dickmann said...

My dear friend,

This is going to be fun to read, but how much venting will you do? ;-)Just kidding. We love you all and continue to pray for your precious China baby.

The Dickmanns