Thursday, May 25, 2006

Beauty in our Future!

This was taken from our porch, we get to see this beautiful sunset often, when we actually take the time to stop and look. Seeing this picture tonight reminds me of the beautfiul plan I know God has for us, i just needed to stop and look. It was a difficult day Tuesday. But after I got over it, I have felt much, much peace. We have no doubt we are next. We don't have to wonder and wait out the month to see what is going to happen. Referrals have been running on average at 4 weeks. That puts us at June 20th. I can make it till then. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, i am sad that we do not get to travel w/ some great friends we have made, but I know that this was Gods plan all along. As we have learned over and over again, our plans might not be His plans! And we will be traveling w/ a great friend I made way back at the beginning of the "process"! Stephanie is in Kansas City, so we have had the chance to meet and I swear I feel like I have known her forever!
It has been a long road. Much, much longer than we could have ever dreamed. But we are almost there! I see the finish line! Thanks for hanging in there with me. I can't wait to share my sweet, sweet Sage w/ you! Or my boy w/ no name becuase we can't agree! Time to get serious, we only have 4WEEKS!!!

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Anonymous said...

I share your disappointment of Tuesday! We are LID June 16 with GWCA and was upset as well as happy. Your right we at least now know that we are next. We will be celebrating together! :) We are awaiting the referral of our first girl. We currently have 4 bio boys. So here's to our referrals in June. Becky in TX