Monday, May 04, 2009

Happy Referral Day!

What do you get when you have a pastor who has a heartbeat for China?
And his wife a passion for children along with a heart that is willing to ask and listen to God?

Add in some friends who believe in adoption? (and one who might be guilty of being a bit pushy on the subject!)

You get a referral from CHINA!

Isn't she gorgeous? Look at those eyes and those tiny features and that mohawk! Yes, it is a girl!

What a FUN Day! You might remember our pastor and his wife started an adoption almost 2 years ago. They began the journey to Vietnam, with the wait to China being so crazy, but after all their paperwork was there, the door closed. So, after much prayer they found an agency for China they liked and began the paperchase all over again. It was hard on them. Anyone on the adoption road knows what a struggle it is. It seems the end is never in sight. But after JUST turning in their completed dossier about a week or so ago, they got the call today! I just cried and cried when she called. I felt like it was ME getting a referral! I LOVE referral day! Some neat things I found really cool and totally red threadish..
  • She will be 2 in June. Her siblings have birthdays in March, April & May.
  • Her name is said like Sheil (or that is what we thought when we listened to it online) and her mamas name is Sheila.
  • I think she looks like her big sister in the face. I really really do!

  • She has a repaired ASD. Heart condition. How cool is it that not only do we have a heart baby, but we were able to get advice from other friends of ours at church who adopted a heart baby! Now that God would give Jonathan & Sheila a heart baby, only God.

  • She lives in Maverys province! (which is kind of like saying the same state)

Jonathan calling the agency to accept her referral! (he was not happy I was taking pictures, men!)

Proud Big Sister! Jordan has been SO excited and anxious and ready to adopt for a very long time! She gets to go to China with her parents, how fun will that be!
At last! Finally seeing Gods promise in one sweet little face. I just love seeing families being made. Gets my heart beat going and that ooey gooey feeling flowing and I asked Mark are you sure we should not think about it once more..... Sigh.
Congratulations Jonathan & Sheila, we love you and are so excited and I will be over to help you get that blog started, you know everyone is counting on you do do that!


Anonymous said...

We have been waiting over 2 years now for a referral...I really can't understand how an agency can give a referral to a family who just turned in a dossier last week. It is very discouraging and sad for the rest of us waiting. great news for your friends but really--they turned in a dossier last week???? something is not right.

Shannon said...

I am happy to share the details, but if you want to know things you can't post anonymous! This agency is awesome and they are Special needs specific. So, my friends knew going in that they were going special needs. Sorry for your wait, I know it is miserable. I am learning in my years of adoption that agency choice is a huge deal.

Mom to my China Posse said...

Congratulations to your friend Sheila! Please tell her to call me anytime as Annah has a repaired asd/vsd. and her repair in China was top notch. Our peditraic cardilogist has relased her from seeing him any further. He followed up on her at 2 years and at 3, and last month he told us he didn't need to follow up anymore as two ekgs were excellent and he heard know evidence of any holes or anything. We were so thankful!

Also I totally agree with you in agency choice in the SN program is key! many large agencies have huge waiting lists but some of the new smaller ones that have access to the shared list are placing kids more quickly. In the end its always a personsal choice what agency you use but the new shared list has changed things alot. happy they

Kelly said...

I'm so VERY excited for them. I can't wait to follow along with their journey.-Make sure she gets that blog up and goin'!!!! What a wonderful thing to post about!!!

Our House of Five said...

Oh boy...I mean girl! How exciting. I have seen too many times and experinced it a few myself that there is no trying to figure out why or reason why-but in the end when all is said and done, your child will be in your arms at the exact moment she/he is suppossed to be. It is of little comfort when the wait is so long, it is hard to stay the does and will hppen for all who wait and you will look at your child one day and wonder how this perfect match was ever orhestrated. I made a choice a long time ago to learn to love the process and to make the memory of it something that is treasured, something to shine...because what will be imnportant is how you remember the days of growing your family and it will be forever important how you relate the story of your child coming to your family -that is what is most important to your child! I am so happy for them and I am even more excited for the families that wait and get excited and get to experience that moment when they see for the very first time-their child!

Suzy said...

Hi, I NEVER post anonymously, but I would LOVE to know which agency your friend used. Just in case my husband ever changes his mind...again ; )
aka Suzy

Suzy said...

Oh! and I meant to say how lovely Sheila is (that's the name I gave my GPS voice in my minivan), and that I hope your friends get her ASAP (obviously in God's time, but hopefully not too painful a wait for the prospective parents). I think the wait proves to us that like Sarah and Abraham we have to wait on God's timing - we just make ourselves miserable and there's nothing we can really do to make things move along faster.

Anonymous said...

Great tribute Shannon to the newest addition for the Peters family. I am so excited for JP and Sheila and I know that they appreciate all you have done for them - especially you enthusiasm! Sooooooo looking forward to their blog - help them with that in your spare time would ya!!!

Love ya

Anonymous said...

i have to post anon because i am a "known" in the adoption circles...i would love to know what agency this family use as i am with a larger agency and not seeing many matches made for young girls with minor SN and yes we have been waiting over 2 years and are very discouraged

anon #1

Shawnstribe said...

hugs to your friends