Friday, May 01, 2009

Braces Question & more Easter pics

Just got these today from our church that they took on Easter. When they told us they were taking family pictures on Easter morning, it sounded like a nightmare. Almost 1000 people in one place and everyone was going to get pictures done? But it was fine and I actually thought it turned out pretty decent. Getting the 7 of us in one shot with everyone looking is hard to do for sure so I get pretty excited when one is good!
Makenna is discovering that braces are not so much fun and I do not know what to do. She does not have them on the bottom yet, but they put the back silver things that wrap around those molars that will hold the braces in place on. (I am sure there is a name but I have no idea what it is) there is a wire hanging off of one that is cutting her toungue and causing it to bleed. We keep putting wax on the wire but that falls off. Makenna does not typically complain about pain, so I know it is hurting her. The office is not open for the weekend. Any ideas? Tonight she hated braces, hated those mean people who invented them, hated the people who put them on her, hated me, fun times. We might have to call the emergency number tomorrow.


Mom 2 six said...

Go back in and ask that they adjust the wire. Ususally they are great when this happens.
Love the picture !!

Jodi Sue said...

Beautiful photo!
Poor McKenna! We haven't begun braces yet -but will soon! Praying the pain gets taken care of and she is back to her fun loving self again!

Our House of Five said...

Ouch sorry, that is typical, they just need to fix the wire. The wax never stays on. It's going to hurt and there will be complaints-but it does get better...not much use when you are in pain and bleeding and oh so upset! Unfortunatley it is not an the docs I mean. Hang on it will be okay! She can e mail Carson if she wants. carson started this whole process in 4th grade-she is at the end of 7th-so we have a lot of experience.

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

I just came across your blog.We are adopting from fostercare a 3 yr old.She sounds alot like your mavery-energetic(hyper),and very smart!Yikes!Shes been a handful.Hubby says good thing shes so cute!Beautiful family,take care.

Party of Seven said...

You will have to get the wire fixed, it should not be doing that. The other thing would be wax until you get there but you said that was not working. Poor thing, we have three in braces and I had braces for 5 years as a child!!! Now they can do it in about 2 years! I remember getting awful headaches because my mouth hurt so bad!!