Thursday, May 14, 2009

Soccer & Preschool

Last month our local soccer house offered a free morning of soccer for preschoolers. This is where Sawyer attended pre-school and just a few minutes from the house. We took Sage & Mavery for a morning of exercise! While there I began talking to the director about preschool and my crazy little girls. We were not planning to send them for another year, but seeing how much fun they were having on that soccer field had me thinking. Then, the director calls and offers me such a sweet deal to send them we could not resist. What a blessing when some see that having doubles is EXPENSIVE! So, in September the girls will begin attending preschool 4 days a week for 3 hours. The great thing there is that they will get tumbling, soccer & karate during the class which will be perfect for Mavery. And Sage if you know Sage and her energy. All of Maverys doctors have agreed that getting her into preschool will be a very very good thing to have that routine. And it will be a HUGE help for me to homeschool the oldest 3 during that time. So crazy to think my babies are old enough to go to school! Kind of sad. And yet it kind of makes me happy! ;-)

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