Friday, May 08, 2009

Sensory Seeker sounds so Star Trek

Today Mavery went for her evaluation with the occupational therapist. I had never even heard of an occupational therapist, I tell you I have learned so much in these 6 months with Mavery! It was very interesting and right up her ally. It was all about play! She does think that she is a sensory seeker, and here is some information I found that describes this. Because if you are like me, you have never given a second thought to senses.
"Sensory Processing Disorder and Sensory Integration Dysfunction are the same disorder. Children with SPD/SID have an inability to use information received through the senses in order to function smoothly in daily life. Children can be over or under sensitive to the world within their senses of sight, touch, sound and smell. Unfortunately for these children these sensory issues can hinder their learning development. With proper early intervention children can learn to adjust to their senses and succeed in life. Occupational therapists work with children with Sensory Processing Disorder through toys and activities.
The sensory seekers are on the go. They crave to be stimulated in movement and touch. The sensory seeker may seem wound up or disruptive. They are often easily distracted. By getting in much needed tumble play, the sensory seeking child can have fun, release and then return to daily routines at more attentive manner."
We meet with her again in about a month to go over all the test results to get an official diagnosis. One thing that was interesting is that she put her on the swing above and was spinning her. She said typically when you take a child off and look in their eyes, their eyes bounce because they are adjusting. But Maverys were not moving at all after 10 spins on the swing. (I wanted to puke just watching her, but Mavery was just giggling away and LOVED it!)
She said she is not really seeing the ADHD symptoms so much and feels it really is all part of this sensory seeking. The more I am reading, the more it makes sense. She suggested to keep a vibrating toothbrush for her and when she screams for a drink(even though she has had 3 glasses) let her turn her toothbrush on in her mouth. She said sometimes insurance even covers those cool swings we could install in our basement!
It sounds like we might have some therapy sessions in which she will help us figure out things to help her. (Mavery LOVED playing in a box of rice with little cars) She suggested gymnastics, which I had just signed the girls up to start in June. Also, the preschool they will attend in the fall does sports training (tumbling, soccer, karate) every day during class so we know that will be good for her. I felt so encouraged after leaving. Even if it does sound like a term straight from Star Trek! ;-)


Our House of Five said...

I am thankful Mavery found you. She must have "sensed" you looking for her and she knew how much you two needed each other-even before you did!

GGAdventures said...

I'm glad you've started OT. Our daughter AnLi has been seeing an OT for about two years. We actually haven't been back to see her since Feb as she's come so far. I can e-mail you privately about a lot of home things we did, that we just made up, that when she's "out of sync" now she actually asks for. I think my family thought the SPD was an "excuse" for some of AnLi's behaviors, but I bought everyone a copy of "The Out of Sync Child" and now they realize this is real. I wish you the best of luck! E-mail me at if you'd like to know some things that have worked for us.
Your family is precious!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

So interesting! Mia Hope has her appointment with the OT coming up very soon.

Happy Mother's Day!


Jodi Sue said...

My 10 year old has SPD/SID - I think our 5 year old does also, but waiting a few more months to have her evaluated!
Our 10 year old loves karate and soccer. :)
also, a little trampoline in the house works well. :)
Working with cool whip in her high chair might help Mavery too. :)
SPD kids are highly sensitive in emotions too - and so sweet (when they want to be:)

jodi sue

Party of Seven said...


Thanks for the info, I bet this is what Ava has too!! I would bet a million dollars, where did you go to find out about this?? I would love to get her evaluated. Thanks for any info.