Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our little Graduate

Our little Lanie bug graduated kindergarten! She has been saving up her $ to buy Kit when we go to Chicago. When friends were heading to Chicago and offered to shop for me if I needed anything, I could not pass up the chance to have them get Kit and surprise Malaine with her! As you can see she was excited, so thank you Karen for stopping in at American Girl for our girl! It is hard to believe that Ms Malaine is old enough to be moving on to first grade. I know my older kids think I brag on her all the time but she really does have a great personality. A little "blond" at times, ;-) but I swear if I was promised more of her I would have 10 more kids!. I am serious!
When the school year started and we kept Malaine home, I was so sad for her to miss out on attending Victory as her siblings had done. Ms Sherman is such an amazing teacher and the older 2 just loved their kindergarten experience. I wanted that for her, and I am so thankful that we went forward with sending her right after coming home from China. She did wonderful and really enjoyed it. Not to mention that Ms Sherman has now made it super easy for me to homeschool her for 1st grade! (1st grade is wonderful there to and if we could we would send her for that... And 2nd grade is awesome, and 3rd grade, you get the point)

My very favorite thing is how the children are taught to love Jesus as much as they are taught to love reading. Because to me, that is what really REALLY matters in my children's education. One of the best things about the ceremony is that the parents are asked to submit a bible verse that we have chosen to represent our child. Mark and I did much searching till we found one that we felt fit Malaine so well.
You are the light of the world, like a city on a mountain, glowing in the night for all to see. Don't hide your light under a basket! Instead put it on a stand and let is shine for all. Matthew 5:14-15

Our prayer for Malaine is that she will always be a light, always keep her smile and always SHINE! We love you Malaine Shaye and are so proud of you!

What is really crazy is that I have now graduated over half of my children from kindergarten. Wow! They are growing to fast, time needs to stop for awhile. Well besides the fact that I have to get these two tornado's out of toddler hood! Yes, Ms Sherman, they WILL be at Victory for kindergarten, get ready, you have 2 more years! ;0)


Amber said...

What sweet pictures! Yes, Malaine is a little light! I've loved getting to know her more. And maybe I should take this next year off to rest up for "the twins." :)

Kelly said...

Loved the graduation photos of Malaine. She looks so cute. I think that is so neat how they get to wear caps and gowns!!!

Mom to my China Posse said...

I just love those little cap and gown pictures! She looks adorable! I bet she is loving that new doll. We just had to send our bitty baby off to the doll hospital and her head came off. I would love to take the girls to Chicago to the store but guess that will ahve to wait awhile.