Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sawyers Glasses

We have had a "fun" year with Sawyer this year in school. I should say we have alot of fun with Sawyer all the time, but school in particular. I thought it was me, but he was really struggling with handwriting and spelling. Well once in school things did not get better. At first we thought it was adjustment. But finally we decided we needed to get agressive and figure out what is going on. First step, a vision therapist. His vision tested at 20/20, but his focus was not where it should be. So keeping something in focus is not working for him. She is trying glasses with him to see if that helps but he will also be doing some vision therapy. We go back in a few weeks for another test and to talk about the therapy plan. We are all happy to know that there might be a reason handwriting is so hard for him. It is really odd, Sawyer is an amazing reader, reading way above his grade level, but can't write or spell. And I should say he CAN spell out loud, just not on paper. So, maybe it is all to do with his vision focus. Who knew there was even such a thing to have a problem with?
Excuse the hawaian punch face. I had to take a close up to not show that he is wearing pajama bottoms and went to the eye doc in them. With the mustach. Blame his father, I did not see him before he left! (yeah last week we went out shopping and Mark buckled Sage in her car seat w/ 2 different shoes on....)
So yes, fun times around here. Our insurance is getting a workout that is for sure! We are VERY thankful for such good insurance. I got word that all his vision therapy & glasses are covered so that is a big blessing.


Jodi Sue said...

Shannon, That is so funny that you post about vision therapy! My 10 year old has an appointment next week to see if he qualifies! I am praying so hard that this will be an answer to his many academic and social issues!
Keep us posted on Sawyer's progress!

Happy Summer!
Jodi Sue :)

Amber said...

Sawyer looks great in his new specs!