Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh Happy Days!

Remember just 2 weeks ago I shared that my friend Sheila got a referral for her sweet baby girl in China? She is in the middle. Well today, Monte, to the left, got a call from Kazakhstan!!! Let me go back a bit. 20 months ago both of these friends began on the journey of adoption. Though I have to say that the journey started long before that in their hearts. They both signed on to adopt from Vietnam. Had their paperwork done and turned in. Vietnam shut the door. And while I think they wondered and questioned, they both let the Lord lead them. Sheila signed on with China, and Monte with Kazakhstan. 2 weeks ago Sheila gets news of her baby girl. We all continued to pray that Monte would hear soon, and TODAY they got news that they have been invited to Kaz!!!! They do not know their dates yet, I think things will happen quickly, like my guess is with in a month quickly.
How amazing is our God? That they would both end up being able to find out so close together that their children wait. To be able to travel so close together.
The road of adoption is not an easy one that is for sure. It is filled with much pain as we wait for our children. Yet I have no doubt that God leads us to where our children wait. My friends thought their babies waited in Vietnam and that was not easy to be told that door had closed. While I waited for Sage, I cried every day over my wait. And yet I have no doubt that I waited every single day for a reason. I waited for my daughter, my Sage. God designed her to be mine and knew the moment I would hold her. Just as He knew that Monte would meet her little angel in Kazakhstan and Sheila her gift in China during this summer of 2009. His plans are perfect.
All this sweet baby adoption news... Good thing I am barely keeping my sanity with the 5 I have or Mark would be in some serious trouble! ;-)
**Just in case you wonder, with a Kaz adoption, you fly over for a month and during that time you are matched.
Congratulations Monte!! I am so happy for you and can't wait!!


Jodi Sue said...

Congratulations to your friends!
I love to hear that more families are finding their precious treasures!

God is good!

~ Jodi Sue :)

Party of Seven said...

Great news, more forever families!!!!