Thursday, May 21, 2009

Construction Complete!

We decided after Mavery got home that we really could use another bedroom in our home. And a play area of some sort. 5 kids in here is SO loud, as you can imagine. But the way our house is, makes it even louder. (no walls, high ceilings, oh the noise just bounces around!) So, we decided to add a bedroom and play area in our unfinished basement. For those who do not know what basements are (because I have lived in states where when you said basement it was thought cellar) that is not what we have. Around here basements are finished as part of the living space, we have 12 foot ceilings down there, large windows, perfect area for noisy children! So Mark, along with his wonderful dad decided to tackle it on their own. And while I thought I was going to go crazy from it all, I am happy to say it is done and I think it looks great! We debated on the ceiling and I saw some ideas online to paint the ceiling, to give it the loft look. That seemed a good solution as we were trying to do things as cheap as possible. (and as easy as possible) After Mark got his nail gun for his birthday he said he could go ahead and do a "real" ceiling if I wanted, but I actually kind of like the look of it. Mark took these pictures before some things were actually done, so I will take more once we get everything moved in. Makenna is thrilled that she will have her own "private space". She chose the lime green and hot pink color combo, and it was such a joy to pick that out together. (NOT!!)

When we built our home we wrote bible verses in each room so that we would always be walking on the word of God. Makenna wanted to do the same for her new room and chose the verses above. I pray that she will always stand on His word.

More pictures to come, carpet, bed, clean windows, and trim. But just wanted to share with you all the hard work my father in law and Mark have been doing!
***FYI-- If you are looking for furniture and you are not above shopping at Rothmans, they are having a REALLY good sale. You get your $ back in gas and groceries so you really get your furniture almost FREE!


Jodi Sue said...

Beautiful!!! I love the loft look and the green and pink - Go McKenna!

And, I miss basements!!!
in Texas they don't have them! UGH!

Jodi Sue said...

Oh, Love the Bible verses too! What a great idea!!!

The Hickels said...

Just saw your Twitter comment about Malaine's hand and wasn't sure how to respond to it in any other way than this. As you know, Elizabeth had a severely burned hand herself earlier this month, so I thought I might be of help.

First, is the burned area blistering? If so, it's a second degree burn and needs medical attention.

Second, since it's on her hand, even if it's not blistering, you need to keep a close eye on the range of motion in any affected fingers to make sure that it does not become decreased as the burn heals.

Third, cool water is the best thing to use--do NOT use butter! If you need any burn ointment, let me know for we have extra.

Take heart that it would not be hurting at all if it was third degree! :) Hang in there--it's never any fun when your baby is hurting, I know.

annaliese said...

great job! you did it!!! cracked up about the choosing paint colors. totally went through that with my eldest! ended up with hot pink as the primary color in hers --blechhh! but she loved it! lol.