Sunday, May 21, 2006

Wild Weekend & More Rumors

We had a busy, but fabulous weekend! The highlights, and more details w/ pictures to come...
  • Sawyer Graduated from Pre-School on Friday morning!
  • Celebrated at Chuck E Cheese along w/ at least 1 million other children.
  • Drove to Kansas City in Rush hour St Louis Traffic & stayed at 2 different hotels due to our original double booking us. Thanks alot Cardinal Fans for making KC a hotel nightmare! Go Cards, anyways!
  • Had lunch at my adoption friend Stephanies(LID 6/22) beautiful home & met her family!
  • Also met adoption friend Ginger(LID 6/10) & her family. Their daughter Kiana(8) is traveling to China so we are PRAYING that we will all be together so Makenna will have a travel buddy!
  • Celebrated Birthdays with my neice Tyler(4) & nephew Graham(2), saw their new home for the first time, and had lots of fun playing.
We have lots of great pictures so will hopefully post those over this next week. Makenna will be out of school on Thursday, and we hope that means life will slow down! HA!
Ok, on the rumor boards... Have I mentioned that I LOVE rumors when they benefit me, but boy, if they don't, I HATE THEM!!! So, Friday morning, right before I head out to Sawyer's graduation, I read a posting from Spain, saying they are cutting off at the 15th. Yes, last week spain said the 20th. They are not allowed to go backwards. NOT ALLOWED, I tell you! So which is right? I have no idea. I am literally sick to my stomach over it. Now that Makenna has met Kianna, she is sick over it! She really had a great time w/ her, and really wants to go to china w/ her. I am trying to remain calm, and remember that God is in control. I know He is, and His plan is bigger than our plan for sure. HOWEVER, I also BELIEVE that God can perform miracles here, and He can send our referral. It is going to be a long week, and I just want to get it over with, so we can know one way or the other. Is May our month? Please, oh please, oh PLEASE, let it be our month!

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