Saturday, November 11, 2006

Beware of the MerMer

In China we tried to get Sage to take a pacifier with no luck. We thought it might be nice for the plane. Recently Malaine found one and as you may or may not know, Malaine LOVED her "mer mers" ( no idea where the name came from, she came up w/ that) She began to push it on Sage often. So now, Sage really likes it as you can see. She is way to old to be starting with it, I know. And so far, she seems ok to be with or with out it. We will see.
Had family pictures done today. Went much better than we anticipated it would. They took over 100 shots and only a handful were actually decent. You know how that goes, getting 6 to actually cooperate. Will try to scan them in at some point. They took some really beautiful shots of Sage on her own that I loved. The best part is, Christmas cards are done! Finally, ahead of the game on something this year.

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Mom-of-5 said...

We are also doing pictures this week. UGGG ...I don't know how were are going to coordinate it.
Sage is just downright beautiful !!