Saturday, November 18, 2006

First Birthday Party

Hard to believe that we are having a party for Sage's first birthday today! Wasn't it just yesterday we were in China and she was only 9 months old? How life has changed in just 3 months. I will post more on Monday(her offical birthday), so many emotional thoughts this week as we celebrate. But we did have a great day! We had chinese food for lunch with a ladybug theme, of course! Our local buffet is so excited about Sage, they sent us tons of food, we might be eating chinese for thanksgiving this week. Sage enjoyed all the attention and loved her cake as you can see! Not sure how much she actually ate, but it sure was fun to play in.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sage!!!
It looks as though that you loved the chocolate cake.
Hope to meet you soon.
Happy Birthday,
Renee Sattazahn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sage!
Love your Hunan Spicey Friend, Tatumn