Friday, November 03, 2006

Worth It All

Did you hear the new song? just turn up your volume. A friend, also adopting, shared this song w/ me while we waited. And though I had heard it, it put it into a whole new perspective to really listen to the words. Hope you enjoy. And yes, Sage was worth it all!

O Child you’ve never known
How I really feel
Cause you’ve never been shown
O child, you’ve never known
That my love is real
Cause you’ve never been shown
I’m about to show you for myself
So listen baby,
You don’t need nobody else – cause

You are mine, you are loved
You have always been thought of
When you hurt I feel it every time
You are mine, you are loved
And I’m never giving up
Till I’ve dried all the tears you cry
Long before you took a breath
I took your pain upon my chest
I knew your name, I heard you call
It was worth it all
It was worth it all
You are worth it all

O child, it wasn’t fair
How they walked away
Left you standing there
My child, I saw your tears
Was with you everyday
Through the lonely years
I’m about to bring back what they lost
So listen baby
Forget about the cost – cause

No matter where you go, I’ll come and find you
You are precious to me…My everything
No matter what they’ve done I will restore you
You’re a masterpiece to me…Only I can see
That underneath the hurt and the pain
Is a picture of me

O child, where did you go
Please don’t walk away
I love you so
So here I come to say


Cassie Harmond said...

Her girl! How are you doing? I have so been thinking about you and the whole family and Sage. I guess you can imagine or rather know how crazy busy I have been with both boys. I will need to sit down and send you an email with recent pictures of the boys. But you can still go to our blog to catch up on some of our goings on. I would love to hear from you.

Sage looks so wonderful and so grown up what a lucky little girl and what a lucky family.

Our blog is

I love your journal.

God's blessings to you all!!!

Anonymous said...

What is the name of this song, and who sings it? You can e-mail it to me at Thanks a bunch!