Friday, November 17, 2006

We have a New Cousin!

We had an exciting day! TJ is my cousin above holding his daughter Jaylyn, coming out to share the news that he has a new baby girl! Adley Brielle weighed in at 9 pounds 7 oz! As you can see in the picture of the nurse holding her up, she is a big girl! Beautiful sweet baby. Wide eyed and looking like her big sister already! Amy, the new mommy, was due tomorrow. She was scheduled to be induced on Monday, which I thought was cool, since that is Sage's birthday. But Adley was ready and so was Amy! We are sad that they will miss Sage's first birthday party, which is tomorrow, but we are SO happy that the baby is here! As soon as I get some cleaned up pictures of Adley, I will post. And of course will add pictures of Sage's birthday party soon!

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