Sunday, September 30, 2007


No pictures to post, but I did have a fun time! I went w/ 3 girls for the MOPS Convention. If you have a child under 1st grade, and have not heard of MOPS, I encourage you to RUN to their website and find a group. I was invited to my first MOPS meeting while pregnant w/ Makenna and living in a new city w/ no family. It was such a HUGE blessing for me, I promised if I was able to move back home, I would start a chapter at our church. We were able to move back home and I did start a group. Still going strong and as my husband believes, I continue to have children so I can guarantee my spot in the group! HA!
We stayed at the Gaylord Palms, which was very nice. The convention was in the hotel. I think there was almost 6000 Moms there! Matt Redmond led worship, Sara Groves sang, amazing speakers, wonderful encouragment, dinners where I just worried about ME! Sleeping w/ no little bodies crawling in the bed. Very fun!
My favorite workshop I attended (actually I attended 2 by the same speaker) was by a mom, Lysa TerKeurst. Have you heard of her? Please go and check out her blog. I did not realize it, but I had heard of her through the grapevine. She was on Oprah awhile back w/ her story about adopting teenage boys from Liberia. I had not seen the show, but the story was amazing. She was amazing. First, if you can go to her blog, you can watch the oprah show clip. If you have the chance, get one of her books. I finished one on the plane home called What Happens When Woman Say Yes to God. That is my prayer, that I am always willing to listen, and hear and have a heart that yearns to say YES!!
Fun to get away, but I was happy to be home. Mark did great with the kids, as if we worried he wouldn't! He is Super Dad for sure. (though my parents did take the 3 to the lake for part of the time) 4 kids, doing the homeschool, working and not a complaint!

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