Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sage meets Lilly!

Lilly and her mommy Renee

Beautiful Lilly
Being Silly
Rule #1, don't touch the pacifier!

Hello All, I am 11 months old today!

We were finally able to meet Lilly this week. She is BEAUTIFUL! It is an amazing thing when you wait forever w/ someone for their baby, pray for them and then finally see them in person. Someone who shares such a history, and walked where we walked. Mark came upstairs and thought she looked very much like Sage one year ago. And she really does. From the way she looks to the way she acts. It was almost shocking to me really, bringing those memories flooding in.
Sage was not quite sure about this little person who resembled her and was bold enough to crawl into her own Mama's lap! I have not seen her show jelousy, but Lilly brought it out! Maybe it is the chinese sister thing? That or the fact that we were way past nap time and so she went to bed through part of the visit!
We are so thankful Lilly is home w/ her family, isn't her mommy glowing? Prayers answered in God's perfect timing.

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