Thursday, September 27, 2007

When You are a Spicy Girl..........

Walking on the table makes sense

Sitting on the table also makes sense, till caught!
The couch is a perfect canvas
Or the desk and chair for artwork?

Hands are good for all that creativity Climbing is good exercise

Jumping on the couch is fun
Big slides are fast
Climbing on the bar stool on the tile by myself, why not?

When we landed in Hunan, the first thing we heard from our guide was, oh Hunan Babies are Spicy Girls. We just laughed and during our time in China, we knew she was wrong. Our Sage was just perfect and so easy. Then we hit american soil and Sage began to move. And she grew. And she has fulfilled her nickname w/ a capital S! Ms Spice is a VERY busy little girl. As you can see, she is always on the move. She makes me tired, she makes us all tired! Now being number 4, I know this age is busy. And we all swore Malaine was part monkey as a baby because she was always climbing. But this, just watching her will stress you out! She does not stop moving until she crashes in her bed to sleep. Amazingly, she has not climbed out of her crib yet, I dread that day. You can't turn your back on her for a minute, which makes it interesting when you are trying to be teacher to Makenna and Sawyer. But along w/ the spice we get a whole lot of sugar to. She has the sweetest little voice ever. She loves to talk and her favorite word is mama, which I get to hear a million times a day. Her new thing is to grab my face and talk to me, which is just to sweet. And even when spicy, she does it w/ a smile. Sigh...
Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that is what our Sage is made of!


Beverly said...

Great pictures. What a climbing monkey!!


Catherine said...

:o) She's busy but oh so cute!! What a sweetie your sugar and spice Sage is!

the gove family said...

oh my! she and evie are definitely alike! this could absolutely have been written about our little one, as well! even the climbing and sitting on the table and coloring on! can you imagine when they get together?! I can't wait :)

my3 kids said...

Sage is such a cutie....our Emma isn't a spicy girl but she is part monkey...she has to be! LOL she is super busy too and when I saw the writing on your table and couch I thought yep..don't take your eyes off them cause our Emma has done that same thing. She is our 3rd child and only who has ever done things like this. Quiet is NOT good....LOL