Thursday, October 25, 2007

Malaine is FIVE!!!

Present Time!

Fun to have big siblings!

Cousin Jaylyn
Enjoying an Oyster!
Dancing w/ Dalayna
Happy Birthday to you!May all your wishes come true....

What more could one ask than to celebrate your birthday on the beach? For Malaine's birthday dinner we ate at Harry A's. And while I was not a fan of the name, the place was pretty cool. We ate outside in the courtyard with live music. Though we could not get the one person in our group who CAN sing, to do karaoke, we did get the kids to get up and sing Happy Birthday to Malaine. She thought that was VERY neat!

Malaine Shaye aka Lainey, is such a sweet spirit. I suppose she is the typical middle child, easy going, laid back and as Makenna says, "she is just TO cute!" We are all so thankful for her. Happy Birthday to our Big FIVE year old!

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Mom of 5 said...

Happy 5th Birthday !!