Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hello From SUNNY Florida!

Need to have Mark add some pictures, but thought i would post an update. We are having a fabulous time! The house is stunning, nicer than anything I have ever even walked through. It is 3 levels and we have the top floor, which is so beautiful. Even with 23 of us here, it does not feel crowded at all. The weather is perfect. Everyone is getting along great, and the kids are in heaven with their cousins. This has been the most relaxing vacation for us. The hardest decision I have made is should we lay on the beach or by the pool! We are just steps to the sand and the pool is literally out the side door. We go from one to the other and back again. There is nothing on the island, but that is fine with us. The first night we ladies drove to Walmart and someone on the island told us it was 35 miles. 35 miles turned into over 2 hours, which was not fun, though our ride home was much quicker. Still, an hour to walmart is to much!
Malaine is now swimming just as well as her older siblings, jumping in and swimming the length of the pool. Sage, well Spicy Girl is Spicy! You don't let her leave the house w/ out her swim vest on. She is doing FLIPS into the pool! She scares all of us and yet it is amazing to watch this tiny little girl diving in! She is sleeping great of course. Our bedroom has a walk in closet that is as big as her bedroom at home, so that is her room. The only bad thing is the mosquitos at night are bad and she is covered.
Anyways, having a wonderful time. If you ever need a place to go, this is perfect!


Mom of 5 said...

Sounds like a blast !

Finally a Family of Four said...

pictures! pictures!
I need pictures.
Have a great time.