Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One Spice Two Spice?

This is Jessie. She was one of Sage's roommates in Chenzhou. They had 4 babies per room. We were blessed to have the other 3 girls in our travel group. Jessie was 2 in June, so the Big sister of Sage, Evie and Rebecca! We stopped by to see Jessie and her family on our way home from the beach. We had not seen her since China and oh how sweet to see the girls together! This is Terri, Jessies mommy! They were so kind to let our gang invade their home for the evening. What wonderful southern hospitality!

Spicy girls with their ice cream, someone looks messier than the other!
Sugar and Spice( and I won't mention which one might have a litle extra spice!)
But if you look at this picture, I am going to bet you can tell. Sage claimed Terri's lap and was not giving it up! Look at that face!
Vacation was over way to fast. We are having a hard time adjusting to being home after spending a week in heaven! ;) I will post soon with pictures of our visit with Ellie and Malaines birthday.

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Beverly said...

Oh yeah Sage is the spicey one. Very cute though.