Thursday, October 04, 2007

Watch Our Florida, Here we Come!

Me near an ocean? No sitting for Mommy! Do you like my beach hair do? (and no, there is not a chip in my hand, of course not!)

For months, our family has been planning a large, VERY large family vacation. And tomorrow is the day! We are heading to St George Island, Florida. We are staying here and we are all very excited! 17 adults, & 9 children. It is my parents and their siblings along w/ my cousins & children. Sage's first trip to the beach!! The ocean, the sand, a pool and SPICY GIRL!!! Yes, we will be keeping a close eye on her. She will live in her lifevest and maybe even a leash! ha! We are also thrilled because while there and on our way home we get to see some of Sage's friends from China! Check back for pictures, I think we can post there!

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Taylor Grace said...

Can I come???
That looks like a very nice house.