Sunday, October 11, 2009

Breakfast at the Castle-Friday

Making our way to breakfast at the castle, we were there before the park opened, it was nice & empty!

Our tiny Sleeping Beauty with stitch.

Sawyer is very excited to eat at the Castle. ;-) His shirt says Back Off, I am Grumpy.

Princess Cinderella all ready for the ball.

We are so excited!

Though if you are a spicy girl who has been off of your schedule for a week, you do not like to wait so you come up with activities that get you in time out. Even a princess in her castle has to visit a corner.

And Princess Belle is about to see that same corner if she does not stop throwing herself on the ground.

Hey, at least they hand out swords to the boys as a bribe for a smile!

Inside the castle

It was royal, lots of little princess everywhere!

Mavery finally gets a smile on her face, she was having a rough morning.

They hand out wands as soon as we sat down. Makes perfect sense with a table full of glasses and 3 year olds.

They announced each princess before she came out, the girls would get SO excited!

As you can see, Mavery was REALLY excited. Now Sage, it is all about the food. And so she would get up for the picture, but she would have a big bite in her mouth! I guess I should be thankful she enjoyed her food at 2 dining credits!

Makennas favorite is Jasmine!

They have a wishing ceremony where the lights start flickering and the princess come around waving their wands and the girls are supposed to make a wish. Very cute. I think Sawyer crawled under the table about this point.

The girls loved the Peter Pan ride and so seeing him & Wendy was a treat!
A ride on the Magic Carpets. (yes we got in with them after we took the picture)

Friday we had an early breakfast at the Castle. Since we were on free dining, we opted to do this. And it was more ME, something I had always wanted to do. It took 2 of our dining credits, and I do not think the boys of our group that it was worth it. I would probably not choose it again, however it is worth it to go once. In my opinion that is. Dining in a castle? FUN! We spent the rest of the day at Magic Kingdom. Had a taste of Dole Whip there finally, YUM!Then the evening we went over to Downtown Disney. Along with the entire city of Orlando. We are convinced that Orlando is NOT feeling a recession AT ALL. This is supposed to be off season, I would sure hate to see peak season!

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Mom to my China Posse said...

Yes your right the castle is a must to do once but liek you we won't do it again. We did it when kaitlyn and Andrew was little and Andrew wasn't a happy camper. lol...... The girls looked beautiful and so did you.