Monday, October 12, 2009

News From China!!

Our sweet friends are in China this week and they have their daughter! We are so excited for them. Some really "neat" things. Their daughter Eden Grace is a heart baby. She is also from the same province as Mavery. They are staying at the same hotel we were at ONE YEAR AGO THIS WEEK. I just love that. I also love the fact that Eden walked in and wrapped her arms around her mama when she met her, don't the pictures just melt your heart?? It has been a long and winding road for our friends on this journey to find their daughter. But now there they are, here she is! God has answered their prayers in the ways only He can. If you get a chance, stop by their blog and read the post from Edens daddy, so so sweet. I love watching families formed by His very hand!

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wendy said...

i read your blog, don't know how i orignally stumble upon it, but i have a daugther from vietnam and i love to see and read about all the asian babies. Anyway, i was in disney the same time as you and was looking at your blog and remembered seeing your family in animal kingdom on the first because i remembered commenting to my mother on how cute your girls were in their zebra dresses. That is so funny that i happened to see your blog today and see those dresses! small world, i wish i would have recognized your kids from your blog at the time and said something to all of you. sounds like you had a nice time, we did as well.