Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday-La Celliar & Packing Up

Friday night was not a good night for me. I was sick, REALLY sick. I do not know if it was stomach flu, dehydration?, food poisoning? Whatever it was, it was not good. And all night as I was so sick, I kept thinking, I am going to miss La Celliar tomorrow!!! It was the place I could not wait for, the place I was so thankful to snag a reservation for. The Canadian Steak place in Epcot. By morning, I knew I would not be eating steak, but got up to try to at least go along so the rest of the family could enjoy it. Originally we were supposed to check out on Saturday, but then had added an extra night on. We went to the front desk to check and they had checked us out of this room, moving us to another for the night. Uh, No. That is not going to happen with 5 kids, a weeks worth of stuff, and me SICK! They say there is no option, they had a reunion taking over our building. So, we decided we were going to pack up and head to the beach. Thankfully my parents stepped in and helped us and we did manage to pack up and load up, plus get everyone dressed and out the door in under an hour. That has to be a record. We headed over to Epcot for our lunch. Canada is a LONG way from the entrance of Epcot. And it was hot. And I was MISERABLE. Praying the whole way that I would not puke in front of everyone. Yeah, it was bad. Everyone else enjoyed a yummy steak lunch, wahhhh ,followed by some fun desserts. The kids enjoyed our waitress and her moose call. Was a neat place and I hope someday to get back and enjoy a steak there! We had planned to spend the day at Epcot as I had not got to walk the countries, my favorite part. But obviously that was not going to happen. We left after lunch to begin our LONG drive to the beach. In our van that the air had quit working. Not a good way to end Disney for sure. But at least we were heading to the beach and not heading home yet!

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