Sunday, October 04, 2009

Update from the Beach

Just a quick update, I am not able to use my computer with the pictures on it for some reason here, so those will have to wait till we are home.
We ended up coming to the beach a day early. Saturday we were to have lunch at La Celliar, a steak house in Epcot, the Canada area. One of the MAIN places on my list of places to eat that I could not wait for. Thursday evening we went to Downtown Disney& all day I felt not that great. Well either I had stomach flu or dehydration, and spent the night sick, and miserable. I knew I was not going to be enjoying steak for sure. Saturday morning while I was trying to get the kids ready to go, Mark had to go check on our reservation. We had added Saturday night on late, so they wanted us to check out and back in, no big deal. Till he got down there and they said we had to change rooms. He was furious, but there was nothing they could do. Our whole building was booked for a family reunion. So, we decided we were just leaving for the beach a day early. We packed up our room in less than an hour, which is a miracle if you could had seen our room! Still made the reservations for La Celliar where everyone enjoyed a scrumptious steak dinner. ;-( I did manage a few bites and it was DELICIOUS. I am still bummed about it. Then we drove to the beach, a short SEVEN hours away. With 5 overtired children and me feeling horrible. Fun times I tell you.
But now we are at the beach. Ahhh, I love the beach. Our condo is beautiful. It is called Azure and is on Ft Walton. 4 bedrooms, the pool just steps out the door, the sand just a few more steps, gorgeous view of the ocean, heaven. (though our house on St George makes anything hard to measure up, that was perfect!) Now if only it would stop RAINING. Sigh.. We did get a few hours in today and the kids all loved it. Even the little girls had such a great time! We are looking forward to a few days here to just relax and rest up before we return. Sounds like we have missed fall at home and are moving right into cold. I am betting I am going to regret that I never pulled the kids winter clothes out before I left! Isn't there an outlet mall here in Destin? Maybe I can just stock up here. ;-)


Dawn said...

It is already cold here. I have been pulling out winter clothes for the past week. This weekend it is supposed to be in the 40's, so enjoy the sunshine and warmth for me!! Glad you are having a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, hope it stops raining for you. Soo glad you're having fun. Alot going on back home that is requiring ALOT of prayer, but God is always faithful! Hope you have a safe trip home!