Friday, March 04, 2011

Maverys Heart Update

Today we went for Mavery's heart appointment. The last time we went was for her cath on August 31, so it had been awhile.  This was the first time I went with out Mark.  Typically it takes 2 of us to hold her down while they scan her, or one to feed her candy, the other to hold her.  But our Ms Mavery is CHANGING! She climbed right up on the table, lay so still and quiet, I did not even have to break out the candy this time! Till we were speaking with the doctor anyways, then she just happily ate her skittles. Amazed!
Pressures in the heart are about the same. Which is good, they are not getting worse, but he says he would like to see them a bit better. We will go Monday for a Lung Profusion Scan to check the pressures in her lungs.  Last scan they were 70/30 so we are hopeful to see a bit of improvement there. I am nervous for that scan.  They have to give her an IV which puts dye through her lungs that they measure.  She is not going to be happy about a needle, but hopefully we can do it with out to much screaming.  Lots of candy?  I have a Mavery update I am working on, hope to get it up soon.  Here are a few posts from the last few months about her, if you want to read!  Just click here and here.

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