Thursday, November 24, 2011


It was a long night, because of course when you sleep all day who needs to sleep at night?? Mavery was quite ready to go home this morning, as were we! The hospital was so quiet today, only a skeleton staff. Which means everything takes awhile. Had a chest xray, watched enchanted, again. Finally, we were free! Slept away the afternoon, turkey dinner was delivered and enjoyed. Grammy & Papa have the rest of the kids for the weekend so we can spoil ms mavery! Happy and thankful!


Jodi said...

Glad to hear y'all are home! Praying for Mavery's recovery!!!

Unknown said...

I've just foun your blog only just because I was curious whose would be next to my daugther's stories.(there's a little link on top of our blog that says "next blog") and It has been such a lovely and touching surprise!
I can't just let it go without tell you that you'll be in our prayers and thank you for share you history here...even the music is adorable...
God bless you all,

In case you'd like to know my daugther blog is (is for little kids...we homeschool too)
there is a little story that, I think ,Mavery probably would like it.Please email me to the address over there in case you want to see it.