Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mavery's Medical Madness

I have some posts about ready. As it IS birthday season here. But I wanted to give an update on Mavery and her many doctor appointments recently.

  • We started with cavities. Her first. Besides the fact that I am wondering if my dentist just ENJOYS getting $ from us, I just can't imagine because she is a good "brusher".  I think we will get a 2nd opinion on this one. 
  • Hearing. Since Mavery started school, they tested her for speech and she flunked the test. Or passed, however you want to look at it. It is no surprise to us. She talks well, she learned English at the speed of lightening. BUT there are many sounds she struggles with. So they set up all our appointments to get her speech therapy while in school. They went ahead and did a hearing test, which she failed. Thinking MAYBE it was just her having waxy ears, they suggested we go on to an audiologist.
  • She failed that too. SO, the suggestion is that she gets double hearing aides. We see the doctor later this month to discuss what all of this means. It is the higher sounds she is missing. It was almost as if an light bulb went off. It COULD explain SO much of her behavior.  Which brings out a whole lot of guilt. In me. I have lots more to say on this, hopefully soon. 
  • Heart check up was this week. She did  AMAZING, oh when I remember back on those early echo's, they were SO hard and now she just cooperates.  They scanned FOREVER which is never a good sign. Her pressures in the arteries are up. They SHOULD be 20, they were 40 lat check and now up to 60. We are seeing signs of this, she is more tired than usual. Which is scary now that we know. So, they will be doing a cath to go in and dilate both arteries. Which means they go in the left and right side. We have done this, what 4 or 5 times now? But still not something you want for your child. She will be under and we will be there overnight. Mavery does not do well with sedation so prayerfully this will go smoothly.
As we have had each appointment, we have been adding up the costs of all we will have to pay out of pocket. It is not good.  It is more than not good.  Especially since we have been trying SO hard to pay off our debt (which surprisingly enough is all Mavery! ;-)  ) We have been in a class of Dave Ramsey, and trying, REALLY trying.

But today I am reminded of the BLESSING we have that Mavery is HERE! She is ours, and she is ALIVE! IF we had not adopted her, the chances that she would have had more done to fix her heart were slim. In fact, the chances that they would have even caught that aneurysm, well I have a feeling there is one way they would have known it was there. Not a good way either. 

We appreciate your prayers as we finish out this year with lots of doctors.  So thankful for a loving Father who cared so much for Mavery He allowed us to parent her.  I will update as we get a date on that heart cath.

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Anonymous said...

I to am so grateful for that little smile she has - for that big hug that she always gives and for that wonderful sound of laughter when she is around. I can't imagine the last 3 years without her in our family - she is a blessing and God is good and FAITHFUL. Prayers being lifted!