Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update so far...

Mavery is done! We are waiting to see her but just talked to the surgeon. Great words to hear "we like you guys, but we don't want to see you for a long time, stay away! " First time for a good report since we started on this journey of the heart 3 years ago. They ballooned the right pulmonary artery, and placed 2 more stents in the right. Eventually these will need dilated as she grows, but prayerfully, not for a long time. And the valve is leaky, but unless we see signs(over tired) they will wait till she is older to mess with it. We are feeling very very thankful. But now the fun begins. 5-6 hours of lying flat! I hope they can keep her drugged. Or me drugged, either way. :-)

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