Monday, November 28, 2011

Can you hear me now?

This is Mavery with her picture of the Floating Lights. Do YOU know what the Floating lights are? You would if you lived here and had watched Tangled exactly 52 times in the last week. Good thing it is one of my favorites. And if you have not seen it, I am sure you would enjoy it!

Mavery is doing better. Her emotions have been WAY up and then WAY down this weekend. For example. She asked me to curl her hair. She has alot of hair, but I started to curl. And curl. Till suddenly she started screaming, I want my hair straight! Ok stop curling. NO I want my hair CURLY! And on we went till I finally convinced her to watch Tangled, Again. We tried to go out on Black Friday. Because we are idiots. And desperate to leave the house. We thought just a short stroll to the Apple Store and dinner. Apple store was not so bad. She played computer games for awhile. Then it was meltdown time. And a 6 year old throwing herself on the floor who I can't pick up and straddle on my hip to carry out because of her surgery is not fun. I promise. We finally got her out and Mark was still hopeful for dinner. I was hopeful for Rapture. We compromised on Steak & Shake drive thru, which made Mavery happy. As well as ending the evening with... Tangled. ;-)  This is just how it goes each time for her. Drugs are GOOD in the hospital. Drugs are BAD when you come off of them.

Today was our meeting with the Ear Nose and Throat Doctor. They once again tested her hearing. And the audiologist once again said she suggested double hearing aides and was sure the doctor would agree. She then proceeded to tell us about getting the hearing aides, how they work etc.  Then we met with the doctor. First, I am not sure how many people have been in a waiting room that proclaims Jesus. This is the only place I have been, and believe me, I have seen MANY medical facilities. I am not talking about a cross on the wall. I am talking bibles and christian reading on the shelves. A doctor whose faith just pours from him when he invites you in. I adore him, he is so amazing.

He said there is no way he thinks Mavery needs hearing aides. (Say what?)  In his opinion, her hearing is heart related (interesting) and will not get worse. (Praise God!) He thinks it is not bad enough to warrant aides and that with the right speech therapy she will be just fine. I confirmed that the audiologist said AGAIN she needs aides. He just smiled and said, she does not. What she does need is a good ear cleaning once a year (yuck!) and he will re check her then, but no aides. She is fine.


It is as if the angels were singing. I sat there stunned and so really did not ask questions. I asked Mavery if she understood that she does not have to wear hearing aides and she was not happy. I mean come on, purple hearing aides she was going to name Papa Larry were pretty exciting in her head.

I asked Mark if we could spend the money we saved on a cruise instead.

That is a joke. We did not HAVE the money for hearing aides.  And now, we don't have to worry.

She is fine. WE are fine. And God is good.

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Anonymous said...

You really do need to write a book someday about the "Adventures of Mavery"! It would be a best seller I'm sure! Praising God for the good news!