Friday, February 17, 2006

Bad Parenting 101

I should be embarrased to even admit this one. Today Malaine and I attended a new playgroup along with some of her cousins. She had a great time and I am happy to have found it. They do a bible story, songs, parachute time, snacks, along with playtime. Afterwards, cousins Amy and Jaylyn joined us at home for lunch. When i walked in I said, "I can' forget to go pick up Sawyer from preschool in 45 minutes." Well, guess what? I forgot. And not just by a few minutes, but by a FULL HOUR!! Thankfully his school also has a daycare, so they just took him in there. And Sawyer did not seem fazed by it. But I felt horrible. Bad, bad mom. I guess it could have been worse. Maybe.

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