Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Good and Bad of Waiting...

Top 10 Reasons Why I am losing my mind through this wait for Sage....

  1. Because when we started this process last February, and had our paperwork done by May, we figured we would have our baby in January. This was NOT OUR plan.
  2. I am not a patient person. I don't wait, I do. Most of the time, I don't like to procrastinate. I plan, I get done. Sigh...
  3. It is the neverending pregnancy. I could have been pregnant twice by now.
  4. You just never know. Will they send out a full month of referrals, will they cut off?
  5. I missed her first Thanksgiving, her first Christmas, her first New Years, her first Valentines Day, her first Easter. I really want her first Birthday!
  6. Because I am a mother and she is MY daughter. This is not natural. I should be the one holding her and taking care of her at this stage of her life.
  7. Because we have no idea if she is being cared for properly. Is she getting her diaper changed? Is she crying and no one answers? Is she happy?
  8. I also missed her first smile. Is she sitting up, is she young, or older? Does she have alot of hair?
  9. My arms ache to hold her.
  10. I love her so much already it takes my breath away.

Top 10 Reasons Why I am ok with waiting till summer to travel...
(I have to try to keep myself sane by convincing myself it is ok)
  1. There will be no school schedule to come home to. We can relax, sleep in, and be lazy for a few months while we adjust.
  2. We can pack lighter. No coats to haul around, no bulky sweaters.
  3. I can wear flip flops if I want.
  4. It gives me more time to lose those 10 pounds i want to get rid of.
  5. i can't stand being frozen, and climbing the great wall in snow would not have been fun.
  6. Capris are my favorite type of clothing.
  7. Summer schedules will mean more help w/ babysitting for our kids while they stay behind.
  8. Hopefully Mark will be out of our closet and moved into the office in the basement, which will be very helpful in setting up our room as half nursery.
  9. Because God had a plan, long before I did, and He has grown me in alot of ways through this LONG wait.
  10. because I trust that God is holding her, until I get there.

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