Saturday, February 04, 2006

Chinese New Year at our House

The kids Made Hats
Our "chinese" Princess
The Grandmas feeding the girls treats from their red envelopes.
Beautiful Dalayna
Malaine celebrating the "Year of the Dog"

We had a wonderful time at our Party this weekend. Well besides the fact that one kid got sick and my son ran into the edge of a chair and had a HUGE lump on his head, but besides that! We had a full chinese buffet of food. Of course we don't believe in all the superstitions that go along with the Chinese New Year. My aunt, Dalayna's Grandma made each of us a red envelope that included Chinese Trivia, prayer requests, and candy! The prayer requests included prayers for Sage, which of course made me teary, along w/ prayers for her birth parents. And for Dalaynas birth parents. Each of us in our family has a burden for China, and we pray that God would bring salvation to the people there. The kids made lanterns, along w/ some of the adults, hats and had fun popping confetti. We can't wait till next year when Sage will be here to celebrate.

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