Sunday, February 26, 2006

Pity Party

It has not been a fun week around here. I started off with strep throat. No one else in my house had it, and I don't think I have had it since I was a child. But it wiped me out. Very miserable, still not fully over it. Then referral rumors came out, and did not go nearly as far into the month as I had hoped and prayed for. At the rate they are coming, I am sure it could be June before we get a referral. I am just losing patience. Then to top it all off.. Mark was trying to connect our blog into our website so you could read them together. Well, somehow while doing it, my website journal was lost. All 10 months of it that I have written. We had already lost it once before, and you would think I would learn my lesson after that and hardcopy. But i did not. Only this time instead of a few months, it was closer to a year of entries. I am sick. I had planned that everything I write on these blogs would be my journals for Sage. I kept written journals during my other 3 pregnancies for the other kids. Now everything I had worked on for her is gone. Mark feels horrible of course. Personally i am cursing the website company for the way they have their things set up. I will post their name to you as soon as I make sure they can't do a miracle and find my journal. If they can't help, (which mark says there is no way it is gone forever) I will be telling you who NOT to go through if you want a personal website. To top it all off i have horrible PMS. I need a vacation. Better yet, I need my baby. Sigh...

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I hope you are feeling better, strep throat is no fun.
Thank you for the china calender book of prayers. I love it. Marty gave it to me at work and it made my week.
So what is the latest rumors?? I heard that all of May is matched? So keep me posted on what you hear.
God Bless,
Hang in there