Tuesday, February 28, 2006

And if She is He??

When we filled out our paperwork for China, we said we would be open to a girl or a boy. One reason we struggled with choosing a country at first was because we knew if we went to China, we were pretty well saying we would get a girl. At first we felt that maybe we needed a boy to "even out" the numbers here. Of course through much prayer we decided that China was where our child was and if we were meant to get a boy, we would fall into the 5% of boys that are referred. Through this wait I have wondered, but feel pretty strongly that our baby is a girl. If we do get a boy, I admit I will be in shock. Although I will be fine w/ it. I just want a baby. We can debate what is better boy or girl and having both I can give an opinion on each. both is best, that is my theory and I am sticking to it! ;) Even Sawyer has come to terms with the fact that Sage is our baby out there, and that he will be forever "girltrapped". Anyways, through all these months we have struggled over a name. To go along w/ Makenna, Sawyer and Malaine it has been tough. Has to be an S name. (yes call me weird but don't you think He might feel left out if he did not have an S or M to go along w/ the rest of the family? ) And we could not go w/ a name like Sam. While I think it is a very cute name, it is also very popular and normal and I like different. I have come up w/ and mark has denied: Szander, Stryker, Shamus, Siegen, Sieger, Simeon, and my list went on. We were leaning towards Sullivan for awhile, but to much monster ink for the kids. And did you know that once you get your referral is not the time to think up a name? From what i understand, you only have a matter of days to turn in your paperwork WITH the babies name on it. Let me tell you, if I get a boy referral, the shock is going to be enough that we DO NOT want me to be trying to find a name at that point. Who knows what I might name the kid. So IF we get a boy, his name will be Stryder. I like it. I don't care if no one else does. I feel MUCH peace over it and that is that.
Mark, Shannon, Makenna, Sawyer, Malaine & Stryder OR
Mark, Shannon, Makenna, Sawyer, Malaine & Sage

So what is your guess, which will it be?


Kathy said...

Shannon, I have a feeling its going to be Sage! Stryder is a good strong name though, so will be on pins and needles waiting right along with you.


Anonymous said...

I just caught up on Shannon's blog and it won't be Stryder.