Thursday, March 16, 2006

Do you Believe in Miracles?

Of course I do. I have 3 angels here to prove that miracles do happen. Lately I am praying for another miracle. China has sent referrals for up to May 25th. In just a few weeks another batch should be coming. For the past 6 months or so, they have only been sending out at most 2 weeks of LID's. Before that they sent close to a whole month over. So if you were LID anytime during June, you would get your referral w/ all the people of June. Why did it slow down when we started? I have many theorys, but I don't really have an answer. So if they go according to their latest trend, they will be sending referrals for LID's from May 26 through maybe a week or so of June. Or even worse, only a few days into June. Then they could do the middle of June coming out in April or May, and then gasp, send out the last part of June in June which is where we could fall. So here is my prayer, and I am asking all of you to pray w/ us. Pray for a miracle. That ALL of June would come out in this next batch. I believe w/ all my heart that it could happen. But it will ONLY be by the grace of God that it would. Not only do we want our baby home, we want ALL the babies home. We are so ready! We have made wonderful friends that we may get to travel w/ if our miracles happen. Makenna has made a friend online who she might get to travel w/, again, if ALL of June comes over. But most important, we are just ready to hold our baby. We have waited and waited and waited. We have prayed for her and she is SO real to us. So if you will, pray w/ us. That God would give us, along w/ ALL the waiting June families a miracle. Most important, that He would give us peace with whatever HIS plan is.


Amy said...

ok, I had a weird dream that I was in China and got a baby. So, I'm sure that is a good sign for you!

Renee S said...

Shannon, you better believe that I am praying for all of June referrals to come out. I have prayed every night that God sends us our babies. As a matter of fact I am going to see the Pink Sisters this Monday and turn in my letter of prayer intentions and believe me it will include the Laxton family wishes. After all the sooner you get your baby, the sooner I will get mine.

God Bless,
Renee Sattazahn

Kathy said...

Shannon, Sending prayers your way and for all your June friends, as well. Hopefully in a few weeks we all will get to see just who Sage is and where she has been waiting for you at. Have a great weekend!

Kathy Lowe