Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Chen Yi Qiao

I keep meaning to post about this but always run out of time... If you missed Sawyer's birthday pictures, scroll down the next post!
While we were in St Paul, Mark was able to talk to one of his co-workers there, who is Chinese. He showed her Sage's chinese name and asked her about the "symbols" because at the chinese restaraunt the night of referral, our waitress there said what her symbol was did not match. His coworker agreed, but said she would look it up. So she did and said that it was very similar to another symbol so yes Chen was her last name. Which of course we knew because that is where she is, the Chenzhou Childrens Welfare Institue. ANYWAYS... The coworker also told Mark that her name was so beautiful. She said that Yi means always andQiao was the name of 2 beautiful princess during the 3 kingdoms era of China known for their beauty. She said anyone in China would recognize her name as "always beautiful". And her name is said Chen E Chow. Our agency said they probably call her Qiao Qiao. Isn't that SO neat? While we were in St Paul Mark called me to tell me the story and I just wept as I thought of that. Of course we knew she was a princess! But did you get her name by "luck"? Do they just pull it out of a hat and rotate the names? From our other translation I would say it is because they wished her a beautiful life, maybe they thought she was beautiful, as of course we do!
And that is my prayer for Yi Qiao soon to be our Sage. She may not be a "princess" in the China sense, but we know w/ out a doubt she is a princess, because she belongs to our Father above, who is King of Kings! We pray that her life will always be beautiful and that she will be as beautiful inside as we think she is on the outside. I believe that God has big plans for the life of His little princess. I am SO thankful He allowed me to be a part of His amazing plan.


Taylor Grace said...

Hi -
My daughters name was Chen Su Qiao and they did call her Qiao Qiao at the orphanage.

Good luck on your journey. It is a truly amazing one that you will take.

On our translation it said that they named her Su Qiao because they wished her happiness and brightness.

Have an amazing time in China... if offered, I would go to the orphanage. You get to meet the nannys that took care of your baby during those months of her life.

We also received her finding add, a report on her from half the sky, an embroidery from the orphanage and a chop with her chinese name engraved.

Michelle, Alan and Taylor

Anonymous said...

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