Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tickets Are Booked!! (updated)

Someone, not sure how, we ended up doing upgraded tickets. I guess leaving someone behind results in something good? ;) So we will be flying in the reclining seats w/ slippers and the works! Here is the plan...

depart St Louis Monday August 14th 1:58PM
Arrive Denver, Co 3:12 PM
Depart Denver 5:21 PM
Arrive Los Angeles , Ca 6:46PM
Depart LA 11:50 PM
Arrive Guangzhou , China 6:20Am (yep, that flight is 15hours and 30 minutes, YIKES!)
Depart Guangzhou, China 8:20AM Arrive Bejing 10:55AM
I don't have all the in flight details, but here is the coming home info...
Depart ChinaWednesday August 30th 9:00PM
Arrive LAX Wednesday August 30th 6:50 PM (do you catch that time/date thing?)
Spend night in LAX
Depart Lax Thursday August 31st 9:20 am
Arrive Denver 1240pm
Depart Denver 3:23Pm

I will post all flight numbers on our website. But if you add it up, we will be flying a total of 22 hours to get to China. And i think it is 32 hours from the time we leave St Louis till we land in Bejing. Think that will wear me out enough that I might actually sleep? ;)

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