Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

Today Sawyer is 6! Hard to believe our boy is so old! Sunday we celebrated w/ family and friends with his party at Krispey Kreme. His choice of location. He had a great time! All the kids were able to go back and tour the kitchen, and then the best part, this tub is the donut cake. They fill it w/ donuts, bring out the whip cream, sprinkles chocolate syrup and let the kids make a mess! Sawyer was on sugar high all day and night! The first picture is where they let the kids(and adults!) test making a chocolate glazed sprinkle donut, YUM!! As you can see, Sawyer dipped his ENTIRE hand into the chocolate! At least he did not climb in, which if you know Sawyer, he just might have tried it.
Today we had lunch at Chuck E Cheese w/ my cousin Dawn and her kids Colby & Dalayna. Fun till the bus of 90 kids came in to play. That was our sign to leave! In just a few more weeks Sawyer will start kindergarten! I am thankful I was home to share his birthday with him, however sad to miss that special day of school. However, we know he will do fine and the Grandmas' & Grandpas will spoil them rotten and make the day very special. Next week we are going in to see his desk, put some of his stuff away etc.. Will make me feel a little better.
So... What does TA mean? Well as anything else does in the adoption, WAIT some more!! TA is travel approval, which china had to give us. They are now working on setting up our appointments at the consulate, which is where they tell us in China we can bring Sage home. Once we know the date on that, which we hope to know tomorrow? we will know when we can leave here. We are praying on the week of the 14th still. That would mean only missing 1 week of school. But we really feel like our lifes are on hold right now till we have those dates. Can't book tickets, parents can't book vacation w/ kids, can't make babysitting plans, etc and so on. PLEASE pray that we could get the dates we want, as the most important thing is getting to Sage. And if we go as planned, we would get her on her 9 month birthday!! It would put us home labor day weekend, which would be a nice long weekend for the kids from school.
One last note, the suitcases are getting there w/ packing. This might be a bad sign tho. We weighed our large suitcase tonight, and it weighed in at 42 pounds, that is w/ none of our clothes in it! I think 40 pounds is our limit! I will try to post pictures soon of our packing chaos!! Even w/ all the helpful tips i am getting, I am still obviously overpacking!