Tuesday, March 20, 2007

16 months old & Saying Prayers

Love this smile! And look at those teeth(along w/ a mouthfull of food, sorry!)
Saying Prayers
Talking to Jesus
I just love these pictures from this month. It just speaks so much to my heart when I see them. Here is our daughter, who had not heard the name of Jesus for 9 months of her life, now talking to Him! Sure, she does not quite understand it, but she knows that when we talk to Jesus, we bow our heads and we are quiet. (though the quiet part is sometimes beyond her!) She knows when we sing Jesus Loves me, that he is STRONG! As she holds her arms up in fists! She knows that the name of Jesus is said over and over in our home and to her. We may not know much about Sage's early days, but we do know that God had a plan. He knew the day would come when she would be born, when she would be abandonded and when she would be in our arms. He knew the day she would fold her little hands in prayer to "talk to Him". And I believe He smiles over this precious baby girl who is one of His.
Mark & I both agree, this is our very favorite age! Of course there are great things about every age. But this age, oh the innocence and the CUTENESS!! Every single thing they do at 16 months is just funny! Even the naughty things are cute, how can you do anything wrong when you don't know what is wrong? Or even if you know it is wrong, like playing in the toilet, you can't help yourself because it is just so interesting to see how the water swirls around when you stick a hand in there. Everything is an adventure, or a new learning experience.
Sage is busy, cute, smart and just wonderful! We are enjoying sleeping through the night, self feeding, and watching her grow. And we continue to fold our hands in prayer with her thanking God for each day we get to enjoy our 4 amazing kids.


Catherine said...

What a beautiful post. It melts a heart to see a child talking to Jesus.

'And a child shall lead them....'

Anonymous said...

I am a little late.... But I had to comment on this. It is so precious that she is already talking to Jesus. It melts my heart, as well. As we wait for our own little one, I am moved to tears thinking that one day...our own daughter will be learning to talk to her Heavenly Daddy, too!