Thursday, March 15, 2007

Llama Farm

hmmm, is this just another big doggie?
I have no carrot's, but here is a finger you can try!
How about a big kiss?
He did kiss me Mommy! Haha!

Hold on tight!
Or it will be gone!

Sage and her friend sharing fruit puffs
3 cuties swinging away!
One of the baby llamas, running from the squeaky shoes!

This week on one of our almost 80 degree day's we visited a llama farm with our MOPS group. Malaine & Sage had a great time! These girls are scared of nothing and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine! It was a really neat farm, the owner rescues llama's and alpaca's. The kids got to make a craft w/ llama hair which they thought was funny!

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