Friday, March 23, 2007

If Only I could Blame the Kids...

Or Mark, or the dogs, but this one is all on me... The above picture is a peek at what it takes to wash for 6 of us. Tonight, as I was working on getting a stain out of a shirt, I turned on the sink in the laundry room, threw in some stain stuff, and left. Was chasing Sage around, trying to pick up, etc. Malaine comes from the basement and said, Mom, there is water pouring in our basement. And I, being the good mother I am, said, oh that is good, i will look at it later. She demands, MOM, LOTS OF WATER! I think she is being silly, but walk towards the stairs and that is when I hear, the WATERFALL of water in the laundry room. I FORGOT TO TURN THE SINK OFF! AHHHHH! It is flooded, out into the dining room, through to the basement(thank goodness not over the finished office) EVERYWHERE! Mark, being the good husband that he is, does not say a word, just gets out his new wet vac and starts cleaning it up. And then in a very calm voice, asks me to please not do that again! ;) ( Renee, does this sound familiar? And here I was laughing at YOU doing this not long ago! )

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Iam not the only mom to get so side tracked that I leave water running and start a flood in the house (ha ha)
The dog is cute, when Doug and I were first married we had a cockapoo named Chelsea. She was a little on the goofy side, probably because she was abused as a puppy but we loved her anyway. Let us all know what the dog whisper says.