Friday, March 09, 2007

Doctors Visit

Sweet Smile!
Beautiful Girl
Our Brown Eyed Girl!
Yeah for Sisters!
I LOVE Lainey!

Sage saw the dr this week for her 15 month checkup. It is embarrasing, she starts screaming as soon as they open the waiting room door and does not stop till we leave. She finally did calm down and started playing w/ the dr, till she had to look in her ears, then it was over. She got a good report anyways! She is now 20 lbs 10 oz which puts her in the 20% for weight. And she is 28 inches long putting her in the 3-5% for height. So in other words, tiny! She had shots, had her wax dug out of her ears, all the fun check up stuff. Dr said she was very impressed with her language skills, which of course we are to!
Other big news, Sage moved out of our room and is sleeping GREAT! I hate to say that, but so far, it has gone much better than we expected. We both keep saying we should have done this sooner, for her sake. She is happier overall. Makenna is not so thrilled, she got kicked out of her room, so Sage could move in. And while in there, Sage managed to pull off half of makennas border, which is just the right level as the crib! Makenna is going to get her room back, but for right now we wanted to get Sage settled in a quiet area of the house. It really is musical rooms here.
The Chinese New Year party was LOTS of fun, I am waiting for pictures to post for you. We did finally get a new lens, but not before that party.


Taylor Grace said...

What a cutie pie.

Taylor has the same shirt

Mom-of-5 said...

Love the shirt. Mia gets comments all the time when she wears hers.
I just ordered some head bands-can't wait to get them. Glad to hear sleeping is going well.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful children you have. I cant wait to have some photo's to put on our blog.


K. said...

Oh my gosh! What adorable sisters!

my3 kids said...

very cute sisters....our girls have the same shirt..too cute!